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August 26, 2008
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Never trust the Government by Wolf-Vexx1 Never trust the Government by Wolf-Vexx1
My fear is not the shots. I can handle shots just fine, its what's in the shots im worried about. FOR AN EXAMPLE: I got a flu shot so some called heal me when I only got sicker the very next day. And know the gov. is requiring us to take these manditory shots. That's why many children has autism its because when kids are just born, docs quickly inject them with this some called medicine which helps them being imune to certain diseases when I actually found out they are putting mercury in the shots. Mercury kills brain cells which = to autism. For some reason the gov. is trying to make us go dumb or even die. And I know why...


2 words the gov. wants to do with us: controlling us!

So pretty much my fear is the government.

(this kinda reminds me of resident evil in a way. I wonder why)

I refuse to take shots any more even if it is manditory. Its funny. Im not sick any more when i stoped taking shot^^

U should surf the web sometime and see how the gov. is really planning to do with us. D:<
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JustSomeStranger Mar 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Something you should know.



Because what you said about people with autism was actually rather offensive.
meganbednarz Sep 8, 2009   General Artist
Yeah, I don't take flu shots. I think they're really dumb. It's scary how much control the World Health Organization claims to have... supposedly they can take over sovereign governments in the case of a "pandemic" ... and recently they raised the epidemic level because of something so stupid as the Swine Flu.

But the reason they make you sick is because they contain supposedly dead cells of the disease, so your body can make antibodies to match it. But this makes you sick for a little bit because it's mimicking you getting sick, so you don't get worse sick instead. It's like a mock battle to prepare for the real one. Still, I think it's rather pointless at least with flu shots because simple hygiene will keep you from getting sick. Same with most diseases. Still, don't to take for granted the marvels that modern medicine has worked. We're generally free of most of the deadly diseases that plagued our ancestors.
you know ppl are dying more than what they actually did before the vaccine , but ppl are not claiming deaths so ppl wont be suspicious to the vaccines. Pretty much we were better righting it out ourselves then this damn orgainization. Pretty much its like what the germans did in WWII. Depleation of population of weaker races >.<

another scary thing is too is that ppl spray flu like diseases in the air and make weird cloud formations like a electromagnetic glowing clouds O_e
but usually its in a pattern of lines or lines crossing over one another. [link]

so in other words (government wants a superior race)
meganbednarz Sep 9, 2009   General Artist
Hmmm.... I think it's possible you've fallen prey to some conspiracy theories. Don't believe everything you read on the 'net ;)
no but i will believe what my uncle says (the gov researcher)
meganbednarz Sep 10, 2009   General Artist
Ah. Hehe, ok. Chemtrails though? Srsly?
Redsand-Puppet Aug 13, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very nice pic defanetly favorite horror
Wint3rHeart Jul 15, 2009
You should say "The AMERCIAN government". I know for a fact that govt.s of many other countries do not force mercury and other deadly poisons to be injected into us at birth. But it is done majorly in the US. damn bastards ..

love the pic. just sorry it had to be about a real-life problem.
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